Functions and Birthdays
Caters to all occasions and all ages

Functions include but not limited to:

  • Birthday Package for all ages
  • Corporate Challenges, Team Building and Annual Functions
  • Wedding parties such at Stag or Hen’s Night
  • Social and Recreational Clubs
  • Church Activities, Team Building and Annual Functions
  • Friends and Family gatherings or Reunions
  • School Programs
Birthday Parties

All birthday parties include the following:

  • Two Laser Warfare missions
  • Free medal for the birthday child
  • Free amusement game token per child
  • Party table settings
  • Hot Fries with a choice of: Mini Hotdogs, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Bites or Vegetarian.
  • Lolly party pack, Lemonade or Juice.
  • $20 per person
  • Adult food platters are available on request.

Please Note:

  • Bring your own cake
  • Please do not bring messy items such as Pinatas, Party Poppers, Face Paint or Pop Corn. Lollipops are also considered dangerous.